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Hokage Mom Deep Cleaning Paste is the ultimate solution for tough cleaning jobs. Effectively removes dirt and stains whiles being gentle on the surface. Made of NATURAL ingredients with Baking Soda as its base to help you clean with ease, safely and efficiently.  Your perfect partner in cleaning any type of stain, lime scale, mineral deposits and water marks.





-This product is made of soft abrasive particles, electrostatic agents, baking soda, coconut oil, raw material so you can clean with ease.

-Cleans all types of enamel porcelain, ceramics, glass, metals, ovens, and cookware.

-Removes mineral deposits and water marks.

-Removes stains from sinks, toilet and baths.

-Removes rust stains and scratch marks on aluminum alloy and chrome.

-Removes deep seated dirt in ceramic tiles and glass scale.

-Removes rusts.

-It has water proof and anti-fog function.

-We recommend to test the Deep Cleaning Paste on a small area first. 

-Apply gently to delicate surfaces

Hokage Mom Deep Cleaning Paste

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