-Fully Compostable

-Sustainable Materials (beechwood + sisal)

-Organic & Vegan Ingredients





Dish Brush


This long-handled wood dish brush is wonderful for cleaning dishes and pots. Made of natural sisal fiber bristles, beechwood and metal, the wood dish brush is designed to last and the head can be easily swapped for a replacement when needed.



10" h x 2" l x 2" w


Pot Brush


The wood pot brushes are compact but powerful scrubbing tools for dishes, pots, pans and cast iron. They can also be used outside the kitchen to scrub corners and crevices of the home. The brushes are made from sisal fiber bristles and beechwood and can be composted at the end of life. No more wasteful, stinky plastic sponges!



2.25" diameter


Veggie Scrubber


The Veggie Scrubber is great for removing dirt, pesticide and wax residues from your veggies without removing the skin. The brushes are made of Sisal Fibers and Beechwood perfect for your fruits and veggies.


Care Instructions:


Wood oxidation in the form of dark spots or discoloration is a natural process caused by exposure to water and other elements (ie iron in water), and shouldn’t be confused with mold or mildew. These natural signs of aging do not affect the performance of your brush. To exend the life of your brush handle, air dry after use and occasionally apply beeswax or oil. Wood will naturally split and crack over time. Compost head and handle, recycle metal hardware.

Zero Waste Cleaning Brush Set