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Our Hokage Mom Botanical Disinfectant effectively kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria. It also cleans, deodorizes, and eliminates odours without the risk caused by harmful chemicals. Penetrates on nearly any surfaces including wood, fibre glass, concrete or tiles to eliminate pathogens and viruses. Its germ killing properties inhibits the growth of bacteria and new spores. Use it daily to disinfect and sanitize high touch surfaces in every area of your home. you can also use it to disinfect appliances, gadgets, fixtures, toilet, tubs, sinks, tables, countertops or even your groceries and plants. Made of Natural Ingredients that's guaranteed Safe, Effective and Environment-friendly. 


Just spray and wipe no rinse required. 


Product Characteristics

-Kills 99.99% of Pathogens 

-Bleach Free 

-No Harsh Chemicals 

-Great in combating Molds and Mildew 

-Eliminates Odour Causing Bacteria


Active Ingredient; Thymol which is included in the List N of EPA that effectively combats Corona Virus

Botanical Disinfectant (Tea Tree)

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