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Designed to make deep cleaning easier and more efficient, this Hokage Mom Anti Microbial Stainless Steel 360 Cyclonic Spin Mop will definitely change your cleaning game. Use it to Sanitize and Disinfect deep seated dirts and soils from any type of surface materials. Cleans and dries floor immediately and leaves no streaks. Suitable for Deep Cleaning with its innovative 360-degree rotating mop head which easily lifts and remove stubborn dirt and stain on the floor making it your perfect cleaning companion.


- High Quality Microfibre Mop which quickly absorbs liquids while lifting dirt from surface. It is soft and has high absorption quality and detergency, thick and durable, washable and reusable to maximize your bucks. Picks up more dirt than traditional sponge mops. 

- 360 degree rotating mop head helps to easily maneuver in around hard to reach spaces, edges, and corners.

- Cyclonic Function effortlessly rids of trapped dirt in the microfibre mop without having to wash it separately.

- Its patented drainage hole enables you to drain water in no time without lifting it.

- Separate spin bucket so you can clean the water bucket easily.

- Adjustable Stainless Steel Handle for comfort and durability.

- Made of high quality stainless steel with anti- oxidation surface polishing finish which provides extreme durability to last you a lifetime unlike plastic mops.

-  Its universal 2 in 1 design, is suitable for cleaning all hard surfaces such as laminated wood, hard wood, ceramic, stone, tile, concrete or linoleum. Easily traps dirt and dust with ease of use.  

- Built in roller wheels for ease of transferring.

- Contemporary design to complement your home aesthetics.

- COLOR  Classy Silver.

- Product Size: Bucket Size: 23cm*26c*43cm 

- In yourPackage: 1 Mop Bucket 1 Mop Pole 1 360 Mop Head 1 Stainless Steel Spinner  2 Microfibre mop.

Hokage Mom Anti Microbial Stainless Steel 360 Cyclonic Spin Mop

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