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Hokage Mom Bathroom Cleaner is a deep-cleaning solution that sanitizes and removes deep-seated dirt and stains in your bathroom caused by mineral deposits, molds and mildew leaving surfaces clean and fresh without working up a sweat. It also has germ killing properties which enables it to effectively eliminate pathogens and odour-causing bacteria without the risk of toxic chemicals. Use it on your sinks, toilet, shower enclosure, fixtures, countertops and baths. 

Made of Natural Ingredients that's guaranteed Safe, Effective and Environment-friendly. 


Simply spray and leave for 5 minutes before scrubbing or wiping. 




-This product is made of Water, Hydrogen Peroxide, Plant-Based Surfactants, and Essential Oil. 

-Cleans all types of Non- Porous materials like porcelain enamel, ceramics, glass and metals.

-Removes stains from sinks, toilet, shower enclosure, countertops and baths.

-Removes soap scum.

-Removes lime and glass scale.

-Removes Molds and Mildew.

Hokage Mom By Ninja Made Bathroom Cleaner 1 Litter

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