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Hokage Mom Organic Disinfectant  Md-125 Nano Sprayer is a hospital grade disinfectant with powerful germs and viruses killing action and odour removal to keep a healthy environment. It has the world's largest range of substantiated anti-microbial efficacy. Proven to eliminate 142 pathogens and viruses including SARS Cov-2 and its new variants. It also adds a protection guard by coating the surface making it free from viruses and germs for almost 30 days. 


Comes in a Continues Nano Spray Bottle to atomize the solution covering wider areas and effective in targeting air borne particles.


Product Information:

-Organic Disinfectant Md-125 kills  99.9% bacteria and viruses like HIV, HCV, HBV, H1N1 ,H5N1 & Others On precleaned Environmental Surfaces/Objects previously  soiled with Blood/ Body Fluids.

-Can be use in an y type of surfaces including wood. metal, fabric and ceramics or natural stones.

-Sterilizes the surface on contact and coats for 30 days.


Precaution: do not mix with other chemicals. Do not apply directly to human body do not ingest.

Cleaning procedure : Spray directly and let it sip for at least 10 min. before wiping.

Hokage Mom By Ninja Made Organic Disinfectant Md125 500ml Nano Spray

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