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Degrease * Sanitize * Deodorize


The Hokage Mom Power Cleaner is an All Natural is a one-step deep-cleaning solution that penetrates on nearly any surfaces including wood, fibre glass, concrete or tiles to eliminate grease and molds with minimal scrubbing. Its germ killing properties inhibits the growth of food borne bacteria and new mold spores.  Helps in removing and killing odor causing germs and bacteria. Guaranteed Safe, Effective, and Eco-friendly. Use it to Deep Clean all non-porous surfaces of your living, kitchen, dining, bed room, play room and baths. Made of Natural Ingredients that's guaranteed Safe, Effective and Environment-friendly. 


Simply spray and leave for 5 minutes before scrubbing or wiping. 




-This product is made of Water, Hydrogen Peroxide, Plant-Based Surfactants, and Essential Oil. 

-Cleans all types of Non- Porous materials like wood, fibre glass, concrete, tiles, plastics, glass and metals.

-Removes deep seated dirts.

-Removes stains.

-Softens and Removes Grease and Gunk.

-Removes Molds and Mildew.

Power Cleaner

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