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Typhoon Deep Cleaning

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Typhoon Rolly who's said to be the strongest we'll have this year has passed and left us just like that. I hope that everyone is safe and unharmed, but we all know there’s one more thing we have to deal with just before we get settled.

Our "newly built" back yard roof flew and was carried away by the strong wind so me and Pogs had to do some handyman to take out the rest of the roof and secure our things that were exposed. It was scary but what's more scary was the mess that's left behind.

Cleaning up your home after a typhoon can be a great deal of work for many. Here are a few tips you can follow to ensure safety and efficiency for the family.

Ninja Tips:

🌱Proper protection and gear is needed when cleaning up esp outside of your homes as Covid-19 still exist and lingers. Remember Covid is real and carelessness won’t do you any good. Wear your mask, gloves, eye gear and boots to ensure safety. This works for electrical hazards too.

🌱If there are damages in your home best to take photos before cleaning it up. This is advisable esp if you have a home insurance so that you can claim easily. I got mine from AIA and AIG which covers damages from Natural Disasters.

*Check out this article about Home Insurance

🌱Sweep and gather perils, soil and dirts for disposal. I love using Plastic Broom as it is more durable than our traditional Walis Ting-ting and easier to clean it after. I also use a push brush to clean the floors outside.

🌱Toss everything that got wet and can’t be cleaned within 24 to 48 hrs including fixtures that were contaminated. This will help you avoid bacteria, mold and mildew growth.

🌱Sanitize and Air out the things that can still be salvage.

🌱Ventilate. Open your windows and doors for proper air circulation to help you remove moisture. Again to prevent fungi and bacterial growth inside your homes. Fans and dehumidifiers are a big help too.

🌱Dry your home immediately. A good wet and Dry Vacuum like Gruenheim, Stayfresh Maximus or Shopvac which I got from Ace Hardware. This will definitely do the trick.

*Drop me a message for discount on these amazing products.

🌱Sanitize and Disinfect everything using warm water and mixture of vinegar and dishwashing soap. You may also use our @hokagemombyninjamade Power Cleaner to remove presence of molds. Quickly dry it out within 24 to 48 hrs. You’ll also want to clean any flooring, concrete, molding, wood, metal furniture, countertops, appliances, sinks, and other plumbing fixtures that were exposed during the typhoon. I use our Hokage Mom Multi Surface Flat mop to disinfect floors, walls, and ceilings.

🌱Sanitize and Disinfect your kids toys too esp if it had contact with flood water. This can carry millions of germs and bacteria that can certainly be a health hazard to your Little One. Sanitize with All Purpose Cleaner and use our @hokagemombyninjamade Botanical Disinfectant or Hospital Grade Disinfectant to ensure that your babies will be safe through and through. Let it air dry.

🌱Treat odours, dampness and mustiness with activated charcoal, a desiccant or baking soda.

🌱Check your roof, gutters, and windows. While checking remember to look out for nails or sharp objects. Best to check for leaks too.

🌱Don’t use wet appliances. Sanitize and Dry it first, leave it unplug for 2 days.

🌱Put cleaning clothes immediately in the laundry and set in hot temperature.

Rest, hydrate and relax after.

I hope this cleaning tips and tricks helps you get back on your feet. Stay safe Masters!


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