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Ninja Made's Structural Cleaning Calendar

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Raise your hand if you find keeping your house clean tiring and confusing or if you clean everyday but always seem to miss out on some spots and always jump from one area to another randomly. We know cause we have been there, that is why we created this Cleaning Calendar. It helped us build a routine, be more efficient in cleaning and have a structural guide to go about everyday. Having to think and identify what to clean every single day is time consuming and stressful.

A couple of weeks ago we shared in Rica Peralejo's Youtube Vlog the importance of having a Cleaning Calendar to make home keeping more manageable. A lot of you have asked us for a copy so here we are sharing with you free downloadable’s to help you jump in your cleaning routine.

If you are having problems on how and where to start, this calendar is the perfect cleaning guide for you. You may also tweak it to perfectly suit your time and preference. Note that you do not have to finish everything in 1 go. Do what your time permits and catch up on the rest on your free time or your next cleaning day. Again, if this schedule doesn’t suit your lifestyle, home or family, adjust it! Weekly cleaning schedules work best when they take your unique needs into account.

With a Cleaning routine / plan home making can be enjoyable, simple, and easy to fit into your busy life and schedule. We hope this will be of help to you. Feel free to also share with us your Ninja Home journey.

Ninja Made Cleaning Routine
Download PDF • 2.96MB

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