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How to Prepare Your Home for Ghost Month

The ghost festival is a traditional Taoist and Buddhist festival. For most Chinese and Feng Shui believers it is important to observe this season which has been likened to our All Souls Day. It is believed that on the 7th month of Lunar year the gates of hell opens to free the hungry ghosts who then roam around in the realms of the living to seek food. During this month our dearly departed pays us a visit to either bless us with fortune or create havoc in homes with dark qi. Luckily there are some things you can do to ensure you receive luck and blessings rather than the other way around. While Ghost Month is celebrated from Aug 8 to Sept 6, the lunar day falls on Aug 22 so you’ll have to prep before then.

☝🏼The first and most important thing to do to prep for Ghost Month is to Deep Clean our Homes from Top to Bottom. Make sure to Declutter too and discard old unuseful stuff to bring in positive vibes. Dirty, unkempt and dark homes are perfect residence for spirits. This will improve your Aura and your mood too.

☝🏼Spirits are attracted to messy homes so make sure you Organize your things too. A tidy home also helps you clear your head.

☝🏼Invite over natural light by cleaning and opening windows and bring in fresh air into your home. This will also help you manage air borne pathogens and improve quality of air.

☝🏼 Clean dusty bulbs and replace broken ones to get more illumination and lighten up corners to rid of passive energy. Make sure to put light fixture on areas that doesn’t get much light too. This will also lift your living spirits.

☝🏼Trim your garden! Nothing attracts ghosts more than an overgrown garden that looks like a forest. Cut overgrowths and make sure to sweep dried leaves. This will also make the plantita/plantito in you happy.

☝🏼Position your mirrors in a way where it can only reflect good things to double the blessing.

☝🏼Put salt and rice in your door way, windows and pantry to ward off bad spirits. Ensure all these areas are spotless too.

Let’s all harness positivity in our homes by prepping it properly. I hope you you have a great time celebrating this festival with family.

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